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R. Hulsebosch | GP at Location Bordewijk Monday, Wednesday till Friday

R. Hulsebosch

I started as a GP in 1986, in Mariahoeve. I had my practice at home, did births, was available for my patients day and night. A village doctor in the big city. Starting in 2005, my colleagues and I established Loudon Medical Centre.

We have grown into a large centre with a quality label and have everything in-house to offer excellent care according to the latest standards. At the same time, we maintain the personal attention a regular GP can offer. This is what makes being a GP so unique, something that still fascinates me after 30 years.

The fact that you get to know the patient, who trusts you and whose trust you have to deserve. That is what this wonderful job is all about. I am connected to Leiden University and train young doctors who want to specialise as a general practitioner.

I find this very satisfying and it keeps me focused and up to date.

My lifelong hobby is mountaineering. As an expedition doctor, I was able to take part in many climbs: a GP in primitive circumstances. At our centre, I'm also involved in personnel affairs and I manage the elderly care and the vaccination service De Reisdokter.