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Loudon Medical Centre

At our medical centre, you will find GPs, a pharmacy and physiotherapists. You can also come to us when you need a psychologist, a dietician, an obstetrician or a podiatrist. Additionally, we offer advice and vaccinations to travellers.

GP practice

All the important information about your GP and the doctor's assistants. Here you can find all our phone numbers.

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Other specialist care

Our medical centre also has a pharmacy, a psychologist, a dietician, an obstetrician, a podiatrist, and physiotherapists.

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Information about illness

Here you will find more information about illnesses and complaints, such as patient brochures, patient letters, and brochures from the Dutch College for General Practitioners.

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About Loudon Medical Centre

We want to be a transparent organisation with a verifiable quality level secured by the implementation of protocols and solid collaboration agreements.

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Register as a patient

We are open for new registrations. Registration forms are available via the website or at our reception desk.

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Contact & Route description

We are easy to reach by public transport or car. Our centre can be reached by phone from 08:00 - 17:00 hours.

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We believe in quality, friendliness, involvement, and personal attention

Loudon Medical Centre is located in the Loudonstraat in the Bezuidenhout area in The Hague, between Mariahoeve and Benoordenhout. At our medical centre, you will find GPs, a pharmacy and physiotherapists.

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