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Information about diseases and complaints

With the huge amount of available information about diseases and complaints these days, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

The Dutch College for General Practitioners (NHG) offers reliable, usable, and understandable information on the website Here you can gain more insight into your complaints and you will be better able to determine whether you need a consultation.

The information on is based on the latest scientific insights and entirely independent from pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, the government, and patient associations.
As GPs, we can fully recommend 

Available now! The App. This App allows you to prepare for, experience, and finish the consultation, in a structured manner.

How can the patient use the App?

  • Search the website of and store the relevant information in a personal profile.
  • Before the consultation: make a note of complaints and questions you want to discuss with the GP or the practice supporter.
  • During the consultation: enter treatment information, appointments, and medication into the App and add search queries for
  • After the consultation: plan a follow-up appointment, when necessary, in the iOS agenda and set medication alerts.