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Other specialist care


As a patient, you are free to choose your own pharmacy. Nevertheless, we would like to advise you to register with Pharmacy Loudon. This will ensure that we are always up to date about your medication, even when it was prescribed by a specialist or locum GP.

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De Reisdokter

De Reisdokter is a recognised institution for vaccinations. We provide information, medical advice, vaccinations, and malaria pills. We do this according to your travel and health needs, in the familiar environment of the GP practices in The Hague, where De Reisdokter is located.

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The dieticians of the dietician practice DieetPlaneet base their advice and care on your own strengths and believe that a practical and positive approach is the best way for you to achieve your goals. The starting point is that everyone can have a healthy lifestyle. At DieetPlaneet, you will get a personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice as well as coaching.

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Loudon Medical Centre has five physiotherapists who collaborate closely with the GPs and other disciplines at the centre. You no longer need to have a referral letter from your GP to make an appointment with the physiotherapist.

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Indigo psychologists

Indigo believes that people can do a lot themselves when it comes to taking control of their lives again. Certainly if they can get help quickly. This prevents problems from getting worse. From Indigo, you can expect the following:

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The laboratory of the Bronovo hospital is available for blood sample collections at Loudon MC on every working day from 08:00 to 10:30 hours. You don't need an appointment when you have a laboratory form from the doctor or a letter from Bronovo.

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Patients come to us for foot complaints, musculoskeletal complaints involving the knee, hip and back, fatigue, complaints due to excessive physical strain, sports injuries, and symptoms caused by diabetes and rheumatism.

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Loudon Medical Centre also includes an Obstetrics practice. The practice can be reached at phone number: 070 - 30 10 197.

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At Landscheiding Medical Centre

Sleep apnoea service

Snoring... or do you also suffer from cessation in your breathing during the night? As from 1 December 2016, you can come to the Sleep Apnoea Service at Landscheiding Medical Centre (Isabellaland 150) for a screening, diagnosis, and treatment. You can contact us at 070 - 221 11 62 or via This care is covered by the basic health insurance packages. No waiting times!

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Our Landscheiding practice also includes a dental practice. If you live or work in the vicinity of the Landscheiding practice, you can also use this location. You can inform us of your transfer by phone at 070 - 399 90 37 or via the contact form on the website (please the details of your family members as well, when this is applicable).

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