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Making an appointment

Do you want to call us to make an appointment? Call: 070 - 222 3000. For privacy and planning reasons we do not make appointsments at our front desk. Thank you for your understanding.
You can make an online appointment for consultations.
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The consultation hours start at 08:00 and are only by appointment. A consultation takes 15 minutes. When you need more time or when you are accompanied by other people, we kindly ask you to inform the assistant.

Triage by the doctor's assistant

What is triage?

When you want to make an appointment for a consultation with your GP, the doctor's assistant will ask for the reason for your appointment. This is called triage.

What is the purpose of triage?

Triage ensures that you get the right care at the right time, and by the right care provider.
Triage is important for a variety of reasons:

  • The doctor's assistant can make an assessment of how quickly someone needs help.
  • Assigning the right help or action to a client's request; for example, an (immediate) appointment, an (immediate) visit, advice or a prescription.
  • Planning the right amount of time, for example, a double consultation.
  • Making sure that the client sees the right healthcare provider. Loudon MC has several healthcare providers, who all have their own tasks and responsibilities.

Special training

The doctor's assistants are trained to use triage and have acquired adequate medical knowledge. There are various medical complaints or questions the doctor's assistants can handle independently based on certain protocols, which you can then follow up yourself. Such advice is always discussed or reviewed with your GP.