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Biance Jutte

Bianca is always inspired and interested to see how lifestyle adjustments can contribute to an improvement of someone's health. That is why she chose to become a dietician. With much enthusiasm and a positive outlook, she will guide you towards a healthy and regular eating pattern. She gives advice that fits within your own lifestyle without the need for extreme adjustments. This means that you will be able to maintain the adjustments in your eating pattern and behaviour in the long term as well. Bianca keeps up to date with the latest developments in diets and nutrition and she does not succumb to dietary hypes. She only wishes to advise her clients about eating healthy and delicious food, which does not have to be complicated at all.

Brunna Venceslau

Brunna joined DieetPlaneet in 2019. Brunna is positive, warm, empathetic and direct if necessary. She listens to your personal situation with an open mind, fulfilling your needs and wishes. She analyses all the traps and other obstacles and searches with you for practical en fitting solutions. Her mission as a dietician is to inspire and guide people to learn to make the right choices themselves. The art of the subject is personal alignment, according to Brunna. After all, there are always possibilities to improve your lifestyle, and these are unique for every single person. Brunna is interested in different cultures and affinities, and grew up in two different cultures herself. The first 16 years of her life in Brazil, and after that in the Netherlands. That is why she is fluent in both Portugese and Dutch, and is also available in Spanish and English. 


  • Diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Low body weight/uncontrolled weight loss/malnutrition
  • Eating with cancer
  • Gastro-Intestinal problems
  • COPD

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