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Register as patient

How do I register as a new patient at MC Loudon?


Our medical centre is currently experiencing limitations with taking on new patients, and only for patients who do not yet have a GP in The Hague.

If you have no GP in The Hague yet, you are able to register at our Medical Centre in The Hague if you have one of the following postal codes: 2591, 2592, 2593, 2594, 2595. Due to protection of privacy, it is not possible to register via the website. To register for our Medical Centre, we request that you reach out to our assistants via our phone (070-222 3000) to arrange an initial interview. 

When you are registered at our Medical Centre, we urge you to immediately register at Via this website you can arrange all kinds of business with your GP. We also ask that you immediately let us know if you grant permission to the LSP for acces to your personal files at the general practice and SEH in case of emergency. 

Changing my GP
  • Inform if the new general practice can take you on as a patient. At Medical Centre Loudon this is possible via the register form.
  • Changing GP can be done orally or written. At Medical Centre Loudon this can only be done written.
  • Let your former GP know that you are switching GP and ask them to send your file to your new GP.

You can always request an appointment with your GP before you make a definitive choice

A GP can decide not to take on a patient

The GP which you choose may decide not to take you on as a patient, for a number of reasons, such as:

  • If you live too far away; at Medical Centre Loudon you can register if you live in one of the following postal codes: 2591, 2592, 2593, 2594, 2595.
  • If the general practice is already fully occupied; a temporary patient shop will be arranged
  • If the GP cannot agree with certain health care wishes.
The health care insurance can help with finding a GP

If you are unable to change GP, please contact your health care insurance provider. The insurance provider will help you find a new GP and is capable of mediating.

You are not obliged to register for a GP

You are not obliged to register for a GP in the Hague. However, registering is still recommended due to the following reasons:

  • You will then have a GP, always ready for you in case you need health care.
  • In the evening, at night or in the weekend you can utilise a general practice without it being at your own risk.
  • The development of your health will be registered in a medical file.