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About us

First and foremost, we will do everything we can to be good GPs: knowledgeable, involved, and sincere.
That is why we work in accordance with the guidelines of our professional organisations.
We comply with the quality standard (NEN-EN 15224) for general practitioners.
Loudon Medical Centre is a training practice: we provide the general practitioner specialist training to young medical graduates from Leiden University. This keeps us focused as well.
All our staff members collaborate closely to provide you with the best and most comprehensive care.

Practice information


Our GPs at Loudon Medical Centre


Doctor's Assistants

Our doctor's assistants at Loudon Medical Centre


Reception and Administrative staff

Our reception and administrative staff at Loudon Medical Centre


Practice Support Staff

Our practice supporters at Loudon Medical Centre


Opening new location

In March 2016, we opened our second location: Landscheiding Medical Centre. This centre is located in the residential care facility Cardia Landscheiding. The regular GPs at our Landscheiding location are Dr. Van Hoolwerff and Dr. Bus. You may already know them as they have worked as locum GPs at the Loudonstraat for many years. We currently start our practice here in the mornings until 12:00 hours. You can also register here as a new patient.

Landscheiding Medical Centre
Isabellaland 150
2591 SL The Hague

  070 - 209 20 41