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Practice takeover Dr. Siccama

Practice takeover Dr. Siccama

Dear patients,

Earlier, you received a letter from Dr. Siccama announcing his departure as the practicing GP at Medisch Centrum Loudon. We are now excited to inform you that, as of July 1, 2024, we, Rosanne van Velzen and Margot de Bruyn Kops, will be taking over the practice. Together with Dr. Dirkzwager, we will ensure the stability and continuity of care within the practice. Through this letter, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

My name is Rosanne van Velzen. After completing my training as a general practitioner, I worked in the ER and Intensive Care before starting my GP training. Since 2019, I have been working as a general practitioner. In these five years, I have gained extensive experience as a locum GP in the regions of The Hague and Delft. For the past four years, I have been working as a locum GP within Medisch Centrum Loudon, primarily for the patients of Dr. Makkink. I am very excited to start as a practice holder on July 1, to get to know you, and to provide the best possible care together with my colleague and the rest of the team.

My name is Margot de Bruyn Kops. After completing my medical studies, I worked as a resident in surgery and elderly care. In 2017, I started the GP training at VUmc and graduated in 2020, at which time I also moved to the Haaglanden region. For over three years, I have been working as a regular locum in Dr. Siccama’s practice within Medisch Centrum Loudon. From July 1, together with my colleague Rosanne van Velzen, I will officially take over the practice, and we hope to continue providing good, stable, and adequate care during these times of many changes with our fantastic team.

Recently, there has been a lot of media attention on the increasing workload in GP practices. This also applies to our center. Older people are staying at home longer, much of the care that used to be provided in hospitals is now being managed by GPs, and care needs are becoming more intensive. This makes our work interesting, dynamic, and also challenging. We find it important to provide good care to everyone within our practice, and we will do our utmost to achieve this. This requires us to work as efficiently as possible, and we ask you to keep the following points in mind. Whenever possible, use our online services via or the Medgemak app. This helps reduce waiting times on the phone. One complaint is one consultation. Schedule your appointments in advance and clearly indicate if you think you will need more time with the GP. Cancel your appointment in time if you decide not to come or if your complaints have resolved.

It may happen that one of the regular GPs is absent and a locum GP is present; we ask for your understanding in this matter. This way, we try to ensure the accessibility of care.

Of course, Dr. Dirkzwager will continue to work in our practice, and the three of us will ensure stable and personalized care.

We warmly welcome you to the consultation hours of the "Van Velzen/de Bruyn Kops" GP practice whenever needed.


Rosanne van Velzen and Margot de Bruyn Kops